My most anticipated books of 2019

I don’t know about y’all, but I am seriously excited about this year in books. 2018 was just okay for me in terms of new releases - almost none of the 2018 releases I read made my favorites list. But 2019… it might just be my year! So many books sound soooo good. Here’s my list of my most anticipated 2019 releases!

  1. Miracle Creek by Angie Kim - This book is described as a contemporary take on a courtroom drama. The publisher says it’s for fans of Liane Moriarty (who I’ve never read) and Celeste Ng (who I just read and really enjoyed!) and is about how far we’ll go to protect our families and our deepest secrets. This book is a debut by a Korean immigrant, and I’m always trying to read more books by women and people of color. It comes out in April.

  2. The Falconer by Dana Czapnik - A coming-of-age set in Manhattan in 1993, this book is about a seventeen-year-old girl who is in unrequited love with her best friend and basketball pick-up teammate. I love coming of age stories and I’m a sucker for books set in NYC! Out from Atria books on January 29.

  3. Black is the Body by Emily Bernard - Described as a memoir of sorts, this book sounds so unique because of the author’s experiences. The first essay is about how when the author was a graduate student at Yale, she and six other people were attacked by a stranger with a knife, and that experience unleashed the storyteller in her. Out from Knopf on January 29.

  4. The Atlas of Reds and Blues by Devi S. Laskar - The synopsis of this book says that as the unnamed mother in the book lies bleeding from a gunshot wound, “her thoughts race from childhood games with her sister and visits to cousins in India, to her time in the newsroom before having her three daughters, to the early days of her relationship with a husband who now spends more time flying business class than at home.” Phew, this book sounds intense! I’m also really like unnamed main characters. This one is out from Counterpoint Press on February 5.

  5. Maid by Stephanie Land - This book is about the author’s time working as a housekeeper to make ends meet. It sounds really inspiring and motivating, and the description says that “her compassionate, unflinching writing as a journalist gives voice to the “servant” worker, and those pursuing the American Dream from below the poverty line.” I always really appreciate reading books about experiences that were very different from my own. Out from Hatchette Books on January 22.

  6. The Collected Schizophrenias, Essays by Esmé Weijun Wang - This book won Graywolf Press’s Nonfiction Prize in 2016. It sounds really incredible - it’s an essay collection about the author’s experiences with schizoaffective disorder. I’m really interested in reading books about life with a mental illness. This one is out from Graywolf Press on February 5.

  7. Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi - I read my first Oyeyemi last year, and LOVED her weird wonderful writing. Gingerbread is a new take on Hansel and Gretel. I am here for anything Oyeyemi writes and can’t wait to get my hands on this one! Out from Riverhead on March 5.

  8. A Woman Is No Man by Etaf Rum - Confession: I have an early copy of this already, and I haven’t read it yet. But I want to! And I will! It’s about three generations of Palestinian-American women living in Brooklyn, “torn between individual desire and the strict mores of Arab culture”. Out from Harper on March 5.

  9. Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips - The publisher’s website says this one is for fans of Anthony Marra’s A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, which I absolutely loved, so I’m already sold. It’s set on a remote peninsula in Russia and starts off when two girls are kidnapped, and each chapter is one month throughout the year. I really cannot wait for this one. Out from Knopf on May 21.

  10. The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray - This one has been described as The Mothers meets An American Marriage - I haven’t read either of those yet, but I own both and I’m confident I will love them. “A dazzling debut novel about mothers and daughters, identity and family, and how the relationships that sustain you can also be the ones that consume you.” Out from Berkley on February 19.

  11. The Unpassing by Chia-Chia Lin - Set in Alaska, this book is about a Taiwanese immigrant family of six struggling to make ends meet on the outskirts of Anchorage. “With flowing prose that evokes the terrifying beauty of the Alaskan wilderness, Lin explores the fallout after the loss of a child and the way in which a family is forced to grieve in a place that doesn’t yet feel like home. Emotionally raw and subtly suspenseful, The Unpassing is a deeply felt family saga that dismisses the American dream for a harsher, but ultimately more profound, reality.” Um helloooo emotionally raw subtly suspenseful family saga? YES PLEASE. Out from FSG on May 7.

Annnnd a bonus of two books I’ve already had the good fortune to read but aren’t quite out yet! Both will be out very soon, and you can find my full reviews on my instagram or goodreads.

  1. The End of Loneliness by Benedict Wells - This was my first read of the year, and I really loved it! It’s about a boy, Jules, his sister, Liz, and his brother, Marty, who were growing up in Munich in the 70s, when they tragically lost their parents. They’re sent to live at a state-run boarding school, and the book follows their lives, through the perspective of Jules. Out from Penguin Press on January 29.

  2. The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker - This book was SUCH a page-turner! I could not put it down! The Dreamers is about a small college town where people start falling asleep and not waking up. The sickness starts at the college and, as illnesses do, eventually spreads beyond until the town is overwhelmed with the sleepers. This book follows lots of people in the town, and I love when a book tells stories of a lot of people like this. I was mesmerized by the story and writing. This book is binge-readable but still so well done. I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of it! Out from Random House on January 15.