My favorite book-to-movie (or show) adaptations

This week with #bookishbloggersunite we're talking favorite adaptations. I'm sticking to cases where I've both read the book and seen the movie/show. I'll start out with a recent fave: Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf, and the Netflix adaptation starring none other than Jane Fonda and Robert Redford. 


Our Souls at Night was Kent Haruf's last book, published posthumously. Set in the fictional town of Holt, Colorado (like all of his novels), it evokes a clear sense of place so striking that I was nearly convinced to pick up and move. Small town Colorado seems difficult but charming. In Our Souls at Night, Addie, a widow, asks her neighbor Louis, a widower, if he would come over to sleep with her, simply to keep her company at night. She is lonely and nights are the hardest to get through. He accepts and it's the start of a sweet relationship, but not one without its challenges due to entire lives spent without one another. The characters often reflect back on what went wrong and what went right in their lives. The tone is both hopeful and melancholy, and I really loved this short book that packs a punch. 

The Netflix movie adaptation of this book came out shortly after I read it. It was cute enough that even Josh was sucked in, and stayed relatively true to the book. Jane and Robert are perfectly cast as Addie and Louis. It's just overall really great and sweet. Highly recommend both the book and the movie. 


Next up: the most basic answer of all time, Harry Potter! Duh. I grew up with these books - started reading them in third grade, and the last book came out my senior year of high school. I was the perfect age for them and I LOVED them so much. I can still remember sitting in the blue pit of my elementary school hearing the first book described and knowing immediately what I would spend my money on at the Scholastic Book Fair. Being forced to wait between books and being the perfect age for HP was an experience that definitly shaped my childhood, and one that I'm eternally grateful for. 


The movies have their own unique magic. The books are better (obvi I'm going to say that) but the movies are their own thing. For some reason I associate watching the first two movies with being sick or cold, cuddled up on my parents' couch and eating chicken noodle soup. I need to go back and rewatch them all... I feel an HP weekend coming on!

I don't have book pictures for my next favorite adaptations because I read them before I took book pictures and I also don't have physical copies of the books - just ebooks. Yes, there was a time in my life when I read ebooks! It was when the B&N Nook was newish and I got one for Christmas. I still have that first generation Nook! I just don't use it anymore, really. Anyway, the adaptations are Game of Thrones and Gone Girl. GoT is epic. The books, the show, everything, and I'm a super fan. I'm also bitter that the last season is taking so long, and that George will likely die before he finishes the series. Like why is he off writing random side stories? Finish the damn series George! Prioritize! 

Gone Girl makes the list because, well, it is the original. It is the unreliable narrator thriller that showed us all what thrillers could be. I feel like so many thrillers these days want to be the next Gone Girl but that ship has sailed. There can only be one. You did it, Gillian Flynn. And the adaptation was perfect with perfect casting. 

There have been quite a few adaptations I've enjoyed without reading the books. Recently those include To All the Boys I've Loved Before, which was so stinking cute, and Crazy Rich Asians, which was extravagant and mostly wonderful (but a bit tropey - the down-to-earth girl who is above caring about money - meh about that). I went ahead and watched these without reading the books, because I knew the books weren't for me (not a big reader of YA in general, and attempted Crazy Rich Asians but couldn't get into it) and I have a higher tolerance for sappy in movies. However, I do try to read the book first when I can.

I'd love to hear about your favorite adaptations! Let me know if I'm missing out on any of your favorites, and if I need to read the books in order to watch the movies. 

August TBR and why TBRs aren't my usual thing

Hi y'all! Here for my third blog post and hosting a group of Book Riot Insiders who blog together weekly! We will all be talking August TBRs - click the icon at the end of my posts to see their posts too. 

I did an unusual thing this month and made a TBR (I realize this is book lingo - if you aren't in the bookish world as much as I am, TBR stands for "to be read") stack. I made it extra big, though - like big enough that I know I won't read all the books.


My August TBR includes a wide variety, because I'm a mood reader, and I will need lots of books to choose from. Quite few of these books were gifted to me for free from publishers (thanks to Viking for The Great Believers, Putnam for Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win and Where the Crawdad Sings, Little, Brown for Okay Fine Whatever, Random House for How to Love a Jamaican and Spinning Silver, and Crown Publishing for OK, Mr. Field). A few of these I've already started and not gotten far into - A Manual for Cleaning Women and The Essex Serpent. The Book of M was a Canada impulse buy because the back cover made it sound up my alley. I recently read and loved Plainsong, the book before Eventide by Kent Haruf. I also recently loved This Must Be the Place by Maggie O'Farrell, and I've heard people rave about her memoir so I bought it. 


I don't usually do TBRs because I'm SUCH a mood reader. It's the same reason there are books I've been wanting to read forever but keep just not getting around to, like Cutting for Stone. I just really have to be in the right mood for a book, or else I don't enjoy it. I keep picking up Cutting for Stone, and it keeps not speaking to me. I haven't actually started it - I just pick it up, add it to a pile of "soon" books, and then ignore it. 

But this month... I'm going to try. I'm hoping that this large and very varied stack will help remedy the mood situation. We have fantasy, we have memoir, we have two very different collections of short stories, we have contemporary fiction, we have lit fic... hopefully most of the books I reach for this month will be from this pile, because I tried to make this pile out of books I want to read SOON. Prioritization is important, right?

Bonus picture of a subset of my giant stack with napping floof with a tooth you can see if you look closely. Love her little fangs. 

Bonus picture of a subset of my giant stack with napping floof with a tooth you can see if you look closely. Love her little fangs. 

I have the best of intentions, but who can say what will happen. Maybe I'll go to the bookstore and see the second book of the Southern Reach Trilogy and want to read it right then. Maybe I'll get a sudden burst of motivation and desire to read a big classic (looking at you, Count of Monte Cristo). Maybe I won't read at all.

At the very least, I'll try this month. I'll try this TBR thing, again, and see how it goes. 

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