New blog who dis

Hi y'all! As a few of you may recall, I had a not-so-popular, not-so-used blog quite a few months ago. I had big plans and good intentions for that little ol' blog, but alas, my ideas and my follow through did not come to fruition. 

 This time though... this time will be different! First of all, I switched platforms to Squarespace. My previous platform didn't allow for subscribers, so now I'm slightly more motivated. Secondly, I'm going to join some Book Riot Insiders for a bookish bloggers unite tag. We all will be writing posts about the same themes each week. I'm hoping this camaraderie gives me an extra motivation boost to stay active on here. Third, I'm almost to 10k followers on instagram! By almost I mean I still need to gain 1,500 more followers, but that seems reasonable?! And 10k means you get the swipe up option in stories, so I think the ability to easily link to posts will make me more motivated to write them!

My current plan for this space is that it will be mostly books. However, it's my blog so I'mma do what I want and maybe sometimes post not books.

Hope you will join me in a new adventure/new space! Oh, and here are some pictures of my face, in case you don't know me!