Daisy Jones and The Six review + my ideas for the cast

Oh hi, hello. It’s been awhile since I blogged. I always say to myself “I’m going to get back into blogging” as if I’ve ever really been “into” blogging… but like I still have that intention. So I’m going to try harder to make this blog more consistent and try to post once a week. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? I think I need to start a weekly round-up type post of links and shit that I liked that week, so give me all your name suggestions for that.

Anyway, I read my second Taylor Jenkins Reid book and…. drumroll please…

I LIKED IT! I liked it a lot!

It’s a written oral history of the singer Daisy Jones and the band The Six, who combined to be Daisy Jones and The Six. It clearly takes some inspiration from Fleetwood Mac, and Daisy’s pill popping ways reminded me of Valley of the Dolls (which is even mentioned in the book). The oral history style allows the story to move along really quickly and lets you get to know the characters quite well.

I really like stories about fame and fortune and life in Hollywood so I think I was inclined to like this book just for those elements. Hollywood in the late 60s/early 70s is just such a fun setting. The characters felt pretty well developed to me too, although some were a little caricatured (the bandmate Eddie who was constantly jealous of Billy, the aloof misunderstood Daisy, Daisy’s “prince” husband who was controlling and abusive). The romantic tension between Billy, the singer and most talented member of The Six, Daisy, and Camila, Billy’s wife that he was completely devoted to, was really great.

Something else pretty cool was that TJR included all the song lyrics from the band’s hit album. However… I struggled to hear the music in my head (and maybe this is why I’m not a musician - I mean the fact that I can’t hear songs in my head just from descriptions of them - well that and my complete lack of musical talent). And that leads us to why we’re here, on my blog, today! Because I think the show, which has been optioned by Reese Witherspoon, will be BETTER! I think the show will be able to bring more emotional depth to the characters through actually bringing the music to life.

I did this once before and it was fun - I’m going to dream cast the Daisy Jones & The Six show! Maybe Hollywood will call me after they see my stellar casting choices and offer me the job for real because I think I’m pretty good at it. Here we go.

  1. Daisy Jones

    OF course we have to start with Daisy! Daisy is described as having long red hair, being a beautiful skinny drug addicted model waif, being an absolute natural onstage, and having a perfect voice to front a rock band. I’m going to ignore the red hair for now and start with my top choice for Daisy:

Michael Rowe/Contour by Getty Images - from a New York Times article

Michael Rowe/Contour by Getty Images - from a New York Times article

It’s Zendaya! She’s a triple threat: singing, dancing, and acting. Whoever has this role definitely needs to be able to act, cause there are some serious EMOTIONS that the Daisy actress needs to be able to bring to the table. And Zendaya can act. And sing. So there we go.

My runner up for Daisy is……… Miley Cyrus. She definitly has the gravelly rock-star voice for the songs. She’s cool and all and could have red hair/be tall and thin/etc. for this role but wouldn’t it be cool to have a not-white-girl as the star? I think Zendaya > Miley.

2. Billy Dunne

Billy Dunne… rockstar extraordinaire, lead singer, drugged up rock start turned sober devoted husband and father. Hmmmm…. my choice is:

Photo by Juliann McCandless, Interview Magazine photoshoot

Photo by Juliann McCandless, Interview Magazine photoshoot

Caleb Landry Jones. He could EASILY look drugged out and then sobered up. And I could totally picture him as the sensitive songwriter for a 70s rock band who heads home to be with his family at the end of the day, but who still struggles with some serious demons.

3. Camila

Billy’s wife is a confident wife and mother who loves Billy despite his transgressions. She’s really the person who keeps him going. She’s also described as having long dark hair down to her waist. My choice of Camila:

Photo by Nadun Baduge

Photo by Nadun Baduge

I vote for Andrea Londo. She just looks exactly how I imagined Camila to look and I think she could pull off the caring but tough wife of a rockstar.

My second choice for Camila is Martha Higareda. She already plays a badass in Altered Carbon but I could see her having a sensitive side for the role of rockstar wife. She’s just a bit older than the characters at the beginning of the book but I think Hollywood could make it happen.

4. Karen

Karen is the keyboardist for The Six and refuses to use her sexuality as a means for success. She prefers to be respected for her talent and abilities. My casting for her:

zosia mamet.jpg

Zosia Mamet. Music runs in her family already too IRL. She could be perfect.

5. Simone

Simone is Daisy’s friend, a few years older, and sort of takes her in. She’s her forever BFF but she also becomes a disco star on her own.

zoe kravitz.jpg

I’m thinking Zoë Kravitz. She could make a great best friend who isn’t afraid to give some tough love, who also is also a star.

Welp that’s it for my casting/review. If you’ve read the book, I’d love to hear who you pictured for the roles. Also if you’re friends with Reese be sure to pass my suggestions along!